Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.

Psalm 119:105

Remember- Psalms 74

Today From Psalms Remember Psalm 74 references a time of great calamity for the city of Jerusalem and the temple. The description could apply to either Nebuchadnezzar and his invasion of Jerusalem, or the oppression of Antiochus Epiphanes. Whichever event is...

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God is Good- Psalms 73

Today From Psalms God is Good Those who know God, know that God is good. This is the thought which begins Psalm 73. "Truly God is good..." Even though we know this we are often faced with the "thinking" we find the psalmist expressing in this psalm. "But as for me, my...

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Be Glad- Psalms 70

Today From Psalms Be Glad During our time on earth we often become pressed down and overwhelmed with the difficulties we face. Often the difficulties of life involve our association and work with our fellow humans. In Psalm 70 (these words are also found in Psalm...

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Final Prayer- Psalms 72

Today From Psalms Final Prayer The heading in my Bible for Psalm 72 says "A Prayer for Solomon." It is a prayer offered for Solomon as he ascends the throne of Israel. But greater than Solomon this psalm is filled with Messianic prophecies. It speaks of the coming...

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Pray and Praise- Psalms 71

Today From Psalms Pray and Praise The writer of Psalm 71 repeatedly expresses his confidence in God. He goes to God with his burden. He then commits to continually praising God and telling forth righteous works of God. He does this in the midst of difficult times. He...

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Praise and Thanks- Psalms 69

Today From Psalms Praise and Thanks The heart of a genuine believer desires to please God. Often though we try to please God more by doing more. We take on more projects of Christian service. We pray more. We study more. We give more. Now all of these have a definite...

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His Name is “JAH”- Psalms 68

Today From Psalms His Name is "JAH" Jesus taught us to love our enemies, to do good to them which do us wrong. Such is the life we are to live as a believer in Jesus Christ. Yet even in our feeble attempts to love those who are our avowed enemies, we are aware that...

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God Be Glorified- Psalms 67

Today From Psalms God Be Glorified Because man is greatly occupied with himself, we can easily think of God's grace and mercy extended to us by God as being for our benefit alone. We often view salvation, provided by Jesus for us, only as an escape from the...

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Begin With Praise- Psalms 66

Today From Psalms Begin With Praise How we begin our day and the thoughts which dominate our thinking throughout the day have a great effect on how our day goes. Psalm 66 sets forth some basis yet vital concepts for us to consider and implement into our daily lives....

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Praise the Lord- Psalms 65

Today From Psalms Praise the Lord Today we are looking at Psalms 65. Up to this chapter praise has already been a continuing thought. The first time we find praise in the Psalms is in Psalms 7:17. “I will praise the Lord according to his righteousness: and will sing...

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