Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.

Psalm 119:105

Exceeding Joy- Psalms 43

Today From Psalms Exceeding Joy Of the many prayers in the bible the most basic follows what we read in Psalm 43:3. “O send out thy light and thy truth: let them lead me.” We live in a world of spiritual darkness bereft of the truth. Without the light and truth of God...

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I Shall Praise Him- Psalms 42

Today From Psalms I Shall Praise Him Even the most jovial and generally upbeat person finds days when things are so down they say: “Why art thou cast down, O my soul? and why art thou disquieted in me?” Psalms 42:5 The issues of life which rob us of joy are so many we...

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The Poor- Psalms 41

Today From Psalms The Poor Jesus said that the poor will be with us always. And so they are. We are faced almost on a daily basis with the poverty of humanity. Some are poor because of circumstances they cannot control. War and famine cause much of the suffering of...

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His Will – My Delight- Psalms 40

Today From Psalms His Will - My Delight When men try to praise other men there is always the temptation to exaggerate. We can paint a picture bigger than life when we have be impressed by another person. When it comes, though, to giving God praise we cannot even begin...

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Today I Live- Psalms 39

Today From Psalms Today I Live Almost since the beginning of time man has sought for ways to extend the days of his life or find the fountain of youth. The truth is, we all come to the end of our days and pass from this life into eternity. The very fact the man seeks...

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My Hope- Psalms 38

Today From Psalms My Hope The person who longs to truly walk with God, the person who genuinely loves the Lord will feel guilt of his sinfulness in ways far beyond those who have no fear of God. It has been my experience both personally and as I counsel people that...

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His Way- Psalms 37

Today From Psalms His Way The Beatitudes of Matthew 5-7 are filled with instructions for daily life as well as words of comfort and promise. As I read Psalm 37, I see similar words of instruction, promise and comfort. One could spend hours meditating on these great...

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God’s Greatness- Psalms 36

Today From Psalms God's Greatness The philosophers of the world have seen the wickedness of man and devised a multitude of explanations. The evil of man is attributed to his lack of education, his poverty, his abuse in early life or by those who have authority, the...

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False Accusations- Psalms 35

Today From Psalms False Accusations One of the great frustrations faced by all people is dealing with those who are determined to hurt or destroy us. We are well aware of this on a national level when one nation decides to fight to destroy another nation. We see it...

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Invitation to Worship- Psalms 34

Today From Psalms Invitation to Worship   In the world and among the people we encounter daily, we are judged by the words of our mouth and the attitudes we express. If I complain continually, then I am judged as being ungrateful. If the demeanor of my life is...

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