Today From Psalms

Genuine Worship

Genuine worship of God goes beyond just an idea of some great spirit to whom we pray and offer praise.   Needed is an all absorbing worship of God with a growing understanding and appreciation of God. This comes from knowing how God, an invisible spirit, has revealed Himself with words we can comprehend.

Psalm 93 begins by establishing the sovereignty of God. “The Lord reigneth.” The statement includes all creation. There is no limitation to the rule and reign of God.

As I worship God, pray to God, give thanks to God, or praise Him there is no one greater I could worship. God is not a god among gods. He is the God who reigns above and beyond all.

The next two phrases give us a description of God using the idea of clothing. Our natural inclination is to pass judgment on people by what they wear. This verse describes God’s magnificence by saying: “He is clothed with majesty.” Then we are reminded of His power with the next statement: “the Lord is clothed with strength.” Because of God’s strength; “the world also is stablished, that it cannot be moved.”

The God we worship reigns in majesty. Maybe the song writer had this in mind when he wrote; “Majesty, worship His majesty.”

The God we worship has the strength and power to keep all things in their rightful places.

It is needful for us to worship God. But it is also needful that we worship in “spirit and in truth.” The more I know God, the more intelligently I can worship God.

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