Today From Psalms

God Be Glorified

Because man is greatly occupied with himself, we can easily think of God’s grace and mercy extended to us by God as being for our benefit alone. We often view salvation, provided by Jesus for us, only as an escape from the condemnation of sin.   While it is true, a person who comes to genuine faith in Christ is “saved from everlasting condemnation” there is a much bigger picture.

Psalm 67:1-2 reveals the larger picture of God’s mercy and grace extended to man. “God be merciful unto us, and bless us; and cause his face to shine upon us; Selah. That thy way may be known upon earth, thy saving health among all nations.”

In the Old Testament the word used for mercy means “to be gracious” or “to show favor.” It is almost the same as the New Testament word “grace.” The language used in verse one and two is much like the benediction found in Numbers 6:24-26.

The writer of this psalm clearly expresses man’s dependence on God. If God is not gracious, if God does not bless us, if God does not look upon in a merciful way; we remain forever under His judgment. It is only because God is a loving, benevolent, and gracious God that we can be saved.

But what is the bigger picture? The answer is found in verse 2. “That thy way may be known upon earth, thy saving health among all nations.” God saves us, not just for our benefit alone but for His glory. Paul addresses this in Galatians 1:4-5. “Who gave himself for our sins, that he might deliver us from this present evil world, according to the will of God and our Father: To whom be glory for ever and ever.” Paul then reminds them that his own salvation had brought glory to God. Consider what Paul says in the last verse of Galatians 1. “And they glorified God in me.”

We can thank God for His grace all day long but if His grace in our life does not bring glory to Him, there is an emptiness in it. Again, Paul refers to this in I Corinthians 15:10. “His grace which was bestowed upon me was not in vain.”

Is God’s grace all about you? Thank God; He has saved us. But we must see God’s grace in us as a way to bring glory to Him.

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