Today From Psalms

My Ways

In Psalm 119:26 we read: “I have declared my ways, and thou heardest me: teach me thy statutes.”

I have declared my ways. That is, I have declared or recounted them to thee. I have made mention of my cares, troubles, anxieties, purposes. I have laid them all before thee, reserving or keeping back nothing. The Psalmist had not tried to hide his life from God. He was being honest before the Lord. We know that God knows our heart and so do not always feel the need to be open and honest before Him. Yet, in this relationship, this is so needful. It is an expression of humility before the Lord.

In doing so, he also knew God had heard him. But his desire is that God would teach him. Without this we cannot survive the many pitfalls we face in this life. Without the instruction of God’s Word, we are like a ship on the sea without a rudder.

“Teach me thy statutes.” We would like to think, we know best, but in reality, we do not know what is best without the teaching from God’s Word. This attitude of humility is absolutely essential if we are going to be delivered from any of the pitfalls of life.

Let God know your heart and let God teach you His statutes.

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