Today From Psalms

Our Fathers Told Us

The history of one’s family both written and verbal can provide times of laughter, insight, sympathy as well as some sorrow. But in all cases, it gives us a reference point for reflection and learning.

The history of some families is very extensive and for others, very brief. Lengthy or brief both are vital to the family and should not be lost.

Included in some and not in others is the spiritual legacy left to future generations. Earthly accomplishments, awards, position, and finances do not even begin to compare to a dynamic spiritual legacy left by a godly relative.

To hear about the generations before us who served God and lived a life of faith and devotion, should encourage us to keep the legacy of godliness alive by being godly.

To know about God and His mighty works from those who lived before us, helps us keep focused on God in today’s world.

Psalm 44:1 addresses the idea of passing on to others the truths of God. “We have heard with our ears, O God, our fathers have told us, what work thou didst in their days, in times of old.”

Some questions came to mind as I think on this verse:

Do I want to leave a godly legacy? Will my life be defined by two dates with a dash between them? Or will I have lived for a higher purpose?

Am I, today, living in such away that a godly legacy will be left behind?

Am I am passing on to those I will leave behind the great truths about God and His great work?

Our time on earth is limited. Our days will soon be over. Will those we leave behind be able to say that we have told [them], what work thou didst in their days, in times of old?”

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