Today From Psalms


Prayer and the practice of it is so needful that the New Testament instructs us to “pray without ceasing.” The idea is to be ready and able to pray at any movement.  This would necessitate us learning to truly “walk with God” every day and all-day long.  While a dedicated time of prayer is important, generally to worship God, the idea of “praying without ceasing” might be more in line with what God desires from us. In the Temple the altar of incense (prayer) was to burn continually.

Prayer does not have to be complicated nor expressed with meaningless words.

Psalms 119:132 “Look thou upon me, and be merciful unto me, as thou usest to do unto those that love thy name.”

The prayer of David is simple.  “Look thou upon me.” For God to “look” on us would be to take notice and hear the simple expressions of our hearts.

Without elaborating on these thoughts consider what David prays for and how this expresses the needs of everyone.

He prays for God’s mercy in verse 132.

He prays for direction from God’s Word. “Order my steps in thy word.” Verse 133

He prays that sin would not have dominion over him. “Let not any iniquity have dominion over me.”   Verse 133

He prays to be delivered from conflict. “Deliver me from the oppression of man.” Verse 134

He asks for God’s blessing on him. “Make thy face to shine upon thy servant.”  Verse 135

He prays that God would teach him the necessary things. “Teach me thy statutes.” Verse 135

These represent our daily needs and as we learn to “walk with God” we can “pray without ceasing” as these needs arise.


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