Today From Psalms


In our relationship to God, recognizing our place as His servants is needful and is the only path to a truly fulfilling relationship with God.

Psalm 119:125 “I am thy servant; give me understanding, that I may know thy testimonies.”

Recognizing my role as God’s servant helps me keep in perspective who He is.  He is the Lord God Almighty. The life I live God gives to me with the purpose of living it to serve and glorify Him.

From the very beginning man has struggled with letting God be God.  We want to take charge of our own life.  We want to move our life in the direction we see most promising to us without regard to the pre-determined plan of God.

Recognizing my role as God’s servant helps me look to Him for direction.  This involves the necessary quality of humility before God. Being humble before God I then pray: “give me understanding.”

I can pray this because I know the God will enable me, “that I may know thy testimonies.”

Being God’s servant, I must know His will and His Word and the way He wants me to fulfill it. For this I must seek the Lord daily.

Be careful to begin each day recognizing that you are God’s servant and seek to find His direction for that particular day.


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